Avogadro Tournaments

Below is a listing of all the currently-running tournaments using the Avogadro Scoring system. Click a tournament name to see more details about that tournament. The general public will be able to see scores there once the tournament is complete.

This listing groups tournaments by name. If you'd like to see upcoming tournaments, check out the Calendar instead.


Crystal Lake Central High School Invitational (Div. C) Division C Master Regional (Div. C) Evanston Township High School Invitational (Div. C) Harlem High School Invitational (Div. C) Kildeer Countryside Invitational (Div. B) Libertyville High School Invitational (Div. C) Oakton Community College Regional (Div. C) Palatine High School Invitational (Div. C)


Purdue University-West Lafayette Regional (Div. B) Purdue University-West Lafayette Regional (Div. C)


Duke University (Div. C) Golden Gate (Div. C) Harvard (Div. C) Johns Hopkins (Div. B) MIT (Div. C) NormanUX (Div. C) Princeton (Div. C) Rice University (Div. C) Seven Lakes High School Invitational (Div. C) Solon High School Invitational (Div. C) University of Michigan (Div. B) University of Michigan (Div. C) University of Minnesota (Div. B) University of Pennsylvania (Div. C) Yale University (Div. C)


Framingham State (Div. C) Massachusetts State (Div. C)


Truman State University (Div. C) Truman State University (Div. B)


Montana State (Div. B) Montana State (Div. C)

North Carolina

Alamance Tournament Regional (Div. A) Brunswick Regional (Div. A) Cabarrus Regional (Div. A) Cullowhee Regional (Div. A) Cullowhee Regional (Div. B) Cumberland County Schools Regional (Div. A) Cumberland Regional (Div. A) Durham Regional (Div. A) Greenville Regional (Div. B) Greenville Regional (Div. C) Harnett Regional (Div. A) Hickory Regional (Div. B) Hickory Regional (Div. C) Johnston Regional (Div. A) Laurinburg Regional (Div. B) Mecklenburg Regional (Div. A) NCSO Mock Invitational (Div. B) NCSO Mock Invitational (Div. C) New Hanover #2 Regional (Div. A) Pender County Schools Regional (Div. A) Pitt Regional (Div. A) Unifour Regional (Div. A) Wake - Heritage Regional Wake - Middle Creek Regional (Div. A) Wilkes County Schools Regional (Div. A) Wilson Regional (Div. A)

Princeton University

Princeton University Invitational (Div. C)


2018 Solon High School Invitational


Southwest Tennessee Community College Regional (Div. B) Southwest Tennessee Community College Regional (Div. C)


Washtenaw Elementary (Div. A)


Univeristy of Utah State (Div. B) University of Utah State (Div. C)


Charlottesville HS Regional (Div. B) Charlottesville HS Regional (Div. C) Fairfax HS Regional (Div. B) Fairfax HS Regional (Div. C) Fairfax High School Invitational (Div. C) University of Mary Washington Regional (Div. B) University of Mary Washington Regional (Div. C) Virginia Tech Regional (Div. B) Virginia Tech Regional (Div. C)


2019 State (Div. B) 2019 State (Div. C) 2020 State (Div. C) Badger Invitational (Div. B) Badger Invitational (Div. C) Belleville Mini SO Invitational (Div. B) Belleville Mini SO Invitational (Div. C) Belleville Satellite SO Invitational (Div. B) Belleville Satellite SO Invitational (Div. C) Boyceville Mini SO Invitational (Div. B) Boyceville Mini SO Invitational (Div. C) Boyceville Satellite SO Invitational (Div. B) Boyceville Satellite SO Invitational (Div. C) Marquette University High Invitational (Div. C) Menomonie Mini Invitational (Div. B) Menomonie Mini Invitational (Div. C) Menomonie Satellite Invitational (Div. B) Menomonie Satellite Invitational (Div. C) Slinger Invitational (Div. B) Slinger Invitational (Div. C) Slinger Satellite Invitational (Div. B) Slinger Satellite Invitational (Div. C)