North Carolina: Charlotte Regional (Div. B)

Overall Scores

Note: This tournament splits teams into groups. To see the scores broken down by group, click here. The results grid below shows how all teams would be ranked if groups were not taken into account.

 SchoolAnatomy & PhysiologyCircuit LabCodebustersCrime BustersDensity LabDigital StructuresDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetExperimental DesignFood ScienceFossilsGame OnHeredityMachinesMeteorologyMousetrap VehicleOrnithologyPicture ThisReach for the StarsRoad ScholarWater QualityWrite It, Do ItFast Facts TrialMission Possible TrialMystery Architecture TrialTotalPlace
B11Piedmont IB Middle School (V)1211112231123312332111214381
B5Jay M Robinson Middle School (V)2153334415211427523536425722
B12Piedmont IB Middle School JV1 (JV)3474221822465173419227146863
B7Lake Norman Charter Middle School (V)688267836655273125174251031044
B9Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (V)463556665737656514445439101075
B6Jay M Robinson Middle School JV1 (JV)77464451436972446663786321136
B4Community House Middle School (V)5327753774788656775693710101277
B8Lake Norman Charter Middle School JV1 (JV)8968101075101084998108108106981011828
B10Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy JV1 (JV)105101010109910101034810101010710851010101889