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B12Piedmont IB Middle School JV1 (JV)1131111311132121114112123341
B6Jay M Robinson Middle School JV1 (JV)2312222122243212221233212462
B8Lake Norman Charter Middle School JV1 (JV)3423553255324435353524351803
B10Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy JV1 (JV)5255554455511355552541555874
B11Piedmont IB Middle School (V)1211111121123112322111112321
B5Jay M Robinson Middle School (V)2143223313211225413325323552
B7Lake Norman Charter Middle School (V)5552455244432531241532461763
B9Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (V)3434344435344353134244256774
B4Community House Middle School (V)4325532552555444555453566905

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