Elastic Launch Glider Results

 SchoolFinal Score
27B Millstadt Consolidated School (A) 1
22B Woodland Middle School (AA) 2
21B Daniel Wright (AA) 3
9B South Middle School (AA) 4
10B Latin School of Chicago (AA) 5
11B Marie Murphy School (AA) 6
23B Grayslake Middle School (AA) 7
44B North Shore Country Day School (AA) 8
12B Kennedy Junior High (AA) 9
25B Woodlawn Middle School (AA) 10
24B Wilmette Junior High School (AA) 11
16B North Park Elementary School (AA) 12
26B Frederick School (AA) 13
30B Fulton Junior High (A) 14
18B Sacred Heart School (A) 15
1B Whitney Young Academic Center (AA) 16
35B Eastview Middle School (A) 17
32B Macomb Junior High School (A) 18
7B Science and Arts Academy (AA) 19
45B Bednarcik Junior High School (A) 20
36B Eisenhower Middle School (A) 21
46B Attea Middle School (AA) 22
50B Roscoe Middle School (A) 23
42B Quest Academy (AA) 24
4B Edison Regional Gifted Center (A) 25
2B Volta Elementary School (A) 26
20B Franklin STEAM (A) 27
49B Dupo Junior High School (A) 28
29B Immaculate Conception School (A) 29
15B St. Petronille (AA) 30
37B Abbott Middle School (A) 31
47B Wredling Middle School (A) 32
8B Twin Groves Middle School (AA) 33
34B Rockford Christian Middle School (A) 34
31B Farmington Central Junior High School (A) 35
17B Park View School (AA) 36
41B Fox Valley Homeschoolers (AA) 37
40B Hawthorn Middle School North (AA) 38
19B St. Matthew Catholic School (A) 39
48B Glenn Raymond School (A) 40
13B Butler Junior High School (AA) 41
33B Stark County Junior High School (A) 42
38B Canton Middle School (A) 43
28B Rochester Junior High School (A) 44
5B Oriole Park School (A) 45
43B Thomas Middle School (AA) 46
3B Lane Tech Academic Center (AA) 47
14B University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (AA) 48
39B Harlem Middle School (A) 49
6B Bell Elementary School (A) 50