Note: This tournament splits teams into groups. To see the scores broken down by group, click here. The results grid below shows how all teams would be ranked if groups were not taken into account.

 School3, 2, 1, Blast Off!Backyard BiologistBody BuildersData CrunchersDescribe It, Build ItDuct Tape ChallengeEcology ExpertEnergy MattersMetric ManiaPasta TowerPlanet ProtectorsProGamers TrialRamp and RollRock StarScience SketchersSky QuestSuper SleuthsWeather PermittingWork It OutTotalPlace
A3Blackburn Elementary (Varsity)3142344313422621164541
A7Mountain View Elementary (Varsity)12372536451126782622722
A5Catawba Elementary School (Varsity)672141625102313365410783
A4Blackburn Elementary JV1 (Junior Varsity)7893531012458824102511994
A8Mountain View Elementary JV1 (Junior Varsity)96510810243935347310151025
A10Startown Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)441468587687911649391126
A9Startown Elementary School (Varsity)8511611919977459173711167
A6Maiden Elementary (Varsity)11106916878119641988831278
A1Banoak Elementary School (Varsity)5310597756210111101197961329
A2Banoak Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)298117119101016975105410813310
A11Webb A Murray Elementary School (Varsity)101278102121212812121085121212717111