North Carolina: Mecklenburg Regional (Div. A)

Overall Scores

Note: This tournament splits teams into groups. To see the scores broken down by group, click here. The results grid below shows how all teams would be ranked if groups were not taken into account.

 School3,2,1, Blast Off!Backyard BiologistBridge-a-RoniChew the FatCodebustersData CrunchersDescribe It, Build ItDuct Tape ChallengeEcology ExpertFossil FrenzyGenes R UsLandformersMarshmallow CatapultNewton's NotionsScience PasswordSky QuestS.T.E.M. Design ChallengeSuper SleuthsWeather PermittingTotalPlace
A7Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (Varsity)4385416411171532396741
A10Polo Ridge Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)25425281631034715523782
A11Polo Ridge Elementary School JV2 (Junior Varsity)141710728473279124215963
A9Polo Ridge Elementary School (Varsity)37533343767638761104964
A12Rea Farms S.T.E.A.M. Academy (Varsity)993424711529110427431975
A8Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy JV1 (Junior Varsity)862675398425621016871056
A1Charles H. Parker Academic Center (Varsity)51461114147314645159144141417
A13Rea Farms S.T.E.A.M. Academy JV1 (Junior Varsity)781410665521448811888721418
A6Langtree Charter Academy Lower School (Varsity)1010138814961081199106371181709
A2Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV1 (Junior Varsity)11171411141421455141434141451418010
A3Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV2 (Junior Varsity)62149981410141481421211101461419111
A5Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology (Varsity)121413141414114914141414691414141423212
A4Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV3 (Junior Varsity)1414141414141414141414141414141414141426613