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A10Polo Ridge Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)2431114131622313222441
A11Polo Ridge Elementary School JV2 (Junior Varsity)1313541424214462113522
A8Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy JV1 (Junior Varsity)5522322542133141364583
A13Rea Farms S.T.E.A.M. Academy JV1 (Junior Varsity)4685233318345534451774
A2Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV1 (Junior Varsity)61486882834882288381055
A3Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV2 (Junior Varsity)32844586885816558481066
A4Charles H. Parker Academic Center JV3 (Junior Varsity)88888888888888888881527
A7Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy (Varsity)2144413211141321233431
A9Polo Ridge Elementary School (Varsity)1222322143332553142502
A12Rea Farms S.T.E.A.M. Academy (Varsity)4313234532415214311523
A1Charles H. Parker Academic Center (Varsity)3731177427223135727744
A6Langtree Charter Academy Lower School (Varsity)5465575364554642454895
A5Dorothy J. Vaughan Academy of Technology (Varsity)67677717577774677771196

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