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15Elon Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)221232144332412361
10South Mebane Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)134111351544533442
14Voyager Academy Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)717377732111221523
8Middle Creek Elementary School JV1 (Junior Varsity)442724227223177564
12TMSA Triad Elementary JV1 (Junior Varsity)353443413455374585
5Greensboro Day School JV1 (Junior Varsity)7777777777777771056
13Voyager Academy Elementary School (Varsity)135141382261118471
4Greensboro Day School (Varsity)221234731119436492
1Alexander Wilson Elementary School (Varsity)552623854622521583
9South Mebane Elementary School (Varsity)367588413545244694
3General Greene School of Science and Technology (Varsity)843396575434752755
7Middle Creek Elementary School (Varsity)91610121210105331010836
2Elon Elementary School (Varsity)688465247886965927
11TMSA Triad Elementary (Varsity)7947796963778771038
6Grove Park Elementary (Varsity)4798579687986831049

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