Note: This tournament splits teams into groups. To see the scores broken down by group, click here. The results grid below shows how all teams would be ranked if groups were not taken into account.

 SchoolAnatomy and PhysiologyBattery BuggyBoomileverCircuit LabCrime BustersDensity LabDisease DetectivesDynamic PlanetElastic Launch GliderExperimental DesignFossilsGame OnHeredityHerpetologyMeteorologyMystery ArchitecturePotions and PoisonsRoad ScholarRoller CoasterSolar SystemThermodynamicsWater QualityWrite It Do ItTotalPlace
5BSt. Matthew Catholic School (v)22682331315128232133221661
3BFranklin STEAM (v)49571112276516774284113942
1BGlenn Raymond School (v)81166564452651351442366943
4BJefferson Middle School (v)110848625731233111057510341094
7BMahomet Seymour Junior High School (v)5322347610474855653516451105
25BSt. Matthew Catholic School JV (jv)397157535293678836175521176
21BGlenn Raymond School JV (jv)7443728968410424277264871257
27BMahomet Seymour Junior High School JV (jv)653548471637796481061077101438
24BJefferson Middle School JV (jv)10101010910108101089104101061010101010102149